special thanks to heck nugget and jonah the runner for lending me some original music and repping houston once again.

7 weeks… can you keep up?

this week in “reddit is actually useful” – blue tells you about the x effect method and how visualizing your progress encourages you to keep your streak going.

she also touches on the eisenhower matrix and how to better prioritize your time and tasks.Read More →

No alcohol. This is day 1. I’m watching Godfather and wondering how anyone can understand Marlon Brando without the subtitles on.Read More →

episode 16: major depressive disorder

blue falls into a hole again and talks about where she stands on depression and how to get out of it. thanks to the harris center in Houston, who was able to provide me with low cost mental health resources, even when i thought i was making “too much” money.Read More →