episode 14: stop drinking (and other ways to curb your alcoholism)

blue is candid about her drinking problem and gives you some low brow advice on how to stop making an ass of yourself in front of your friends. all right guys so i think i learned something about myself. it’s very possible i could be an alcoholic. and i’ve been saying it out loud for a while now because it sounds like a joke, another one of my shticks. “heyRead More →

episode 12.5

a super short one before i disappear for a little while. just a reminder that even though every day can’t be perfect, time means that all of this is only temporary. if this was meant to be easy, we’d all be doing it wrong.Read More →

episode 8: learning to love the job you hate

stuck in a 9-5 you’re not crazy about? listen to this on your way to work. “hate” is such a strong word, isn’t it? blue bullshits through ten minutes of lecturing you on why you shouldn’t give up on that dead end job just yet. (all of this is applicable to career professionals as well, if you can relate). here i am in the car, recording this on a $40 usbRead More →