overcome laziness

laziness is annoying as hell. yeah, i know i got a lot of things i should be doing, but dang it, i really don’t feel like it. i’m sure i’m not the only one who’s been in this situation.

having a lazy day isn’t typically an issue, but being constant laziness can cause you a lot of strife in your life. hey, that rhymed.

learning to deal with our laziness successfully is probably the most important life skill you’ll ever need.

if you have a hard time with being a lazy slug like me sometimes, try some of these methods:

  1. begin with the hardest thing. a lot of times you’ll come to find that it’s this one, stupid monster that is keeping you from taking action. once you get that one thing done, everything else is cake. mmm cake.

    so try doing the thing you’re dreading most first and strut around like the boss you are the rest of the day.

  2. begin with the easiest thing. okay, so you don’t wanna do that thing because it’s probably like, fixing the roof. then get up and do the easiest thing. 

    need to throw the clothes in the washer? roll your happy ass out of bed, get your smelly clothes in a pile and throw them in the washer. unless you wash your clothes by hand, this should be easy.

    now that you’re up, you might as well use that momentum and work on some other things, see how that goes.

  3. reward yourself for taking initiative. a little motivation goes a long way. tell yourself that after you put in half an hour of work, you can finally have that cup of coffee (i know. that means my first 30 minutes are unproductive as fuuuh.)

    or you can say i’ll conk out with a good book after i clean the kitchen. you decide how to reward yourself.

  4. organize yourself. you resist working because no one can be productive in a cluttered workspace. spend some time cleaning your area, whether it’s toys in the yard, dished in the sink, or a messy desk.

  5. force yourself to do the thing you’re avoiding for 2 minutes. i use this method to trick my brain into going running. even though i enjoy it, the hardest part is getting my shoes on going outside. sometimes you just have to get started to keep going.

  6. sleep more. maybe you’re just really tired. try more sleep.

  7. imagine the task already done. now, this really does sound like some bullshit, but seriously, close your eyes and visualize yourself completing your goal. piggyback on that feeling to get yourself moving.

  8. chill out. one of the biggest reasons we don’t take action is because we think about doing it, and it doesn’t feel pleasant. try to notice where you feel uncomfortable when you think about getting this thing done. now relax that area, breathe in deep, and allow the feeling to pass.

  9. think about something that gets you hype. what’s something you love to do? think about it for a while, let it marinate, then jump into that work assignment you gotta finish.

  10. imagine yourself as a go-getter. every day, wake up and tell yourself, “i get shit done. that’s what bosses do and that’s why i run this.” if you see yourself as that person who can’t finish tasks, then you will be. instead, REMIND yourself you the boss, rick ross. and when you DO get shit done, tell yourself, “yep. i did that. of course i did.” and keep doing it.

  11. give yourself a break. yeah, it’s nice to be on a roll, but you can burn yourself our pretty quickly if you allow yourself. instead, break up your day into longer, highly productive periods, followed by well-earned breaks. 

just because you feel lazy doesn’t mean you have to be. it’s a mindset – take control of your situation and take some actionable steps to getting things done.

we all feel a bit lazy time to time. me probably more than you, i guarantee it. but people who are successful in life move past this temporary state and keep moving. 

give yourself a day off from time to time, but don’t get too comfortable. when you put yourself to work and complete your tasks, you can allow yourself time to relax as a reward. hold yourself accountable, but keep a good balance.

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