1000 days of sobriety

I’ve been thinking about this episode for a while, and since it’s coming up soon, I decided some reflection is good after a few years. Today is my thousandth day of sobriety. Does that mean that I wrote and recorded this episode in advance? Yes. Yes, it does. At first, I didn’t wanna talk about it because I didn’t wanna jinx it, but as time went on, I realized there’sRead More →

episode 55: balancing wants & needs to avoid burnout

well, here we are. nearly 5 months on the road, and this season, it feels different. last year, i was blissfully unaware of how much money i was spending without replenishing for around the first 4 months. then the last 2 months became so stressful that i couldn’t wait to get home. this season, i left about 2 months earlier, and by month 3, i was already feeling that paycheck-to-paycheckRead More →

van life and mental health

so it’s been a while since i’ve been motivated to put something together for you all.  i’ve spent most of my free time trying to build my business and teaching myself something new almost every day. it’s caused a bit of burnout from time to time, so i have to remember to put the work away and give myself a break.  i’ve been on the road for nearly 5 months, and with theRead More →

episode 52: running on fumes (and other car analogies)

so i’m not gonna lie, craig – i’m past the point of empty right now.  i’m exhausted mentally.  every day, 7 days a week from before sun up to past sunset, i am at my computer working. there are so many gears going at once, and i have to constantly switch them up that i feel like i’m not being efficient with my time. even right now, as i recordRead More →

happy february everybody. i did the thing i said i was gonna do. i fired myself. i’ll be honest, this is the only time i’ve ever left a job without having “another job” lined up.  not to say i don’t have big plans, but this is the only time i’ve ever planned to not get a traditional job again. but blue, have you lost your damn mind? is this someRead More →