overcome laziness

laziness is annoying as hell. yeah, i know i got a lot of things i should be doing, but dang it, i really don’t feel like it. i’m sure i’m not the only one who’s been in this situation. having a lazy day isn’t typically an issue, but being constant laziness can cause you a lot of strife in your life. hey, that rhymed. learning to deal with our lazinessRead More →

comfort zone myth

“you have to push yourself, you need to test yourself, get out of your comfort zone.” how many times have you heard that? what does that even really mean? it means to put yourself at risk, to make yourself feel uncomfortable, to put yourself in a place where you feel less than confident, less than competent. but for WHAT exactly? when is the last time putting yourself at risk constantlyRead More →

Relaxation Induced Anxiety

If you’ve ever felt like trying to calm the fuck down exacerbates that anxiety, you’re not the only one. Evidence shows that around 15% of the population is susceptible to relaxation-induced anxiety, but under the right circumstances, anyone can experience these effects. Relaxation induced anxiety is what occurs when you become more uptight in your attempts to wind down. Here’s what happens to you. One moment you’re chillin in the hammock listeningRead More →

No alcohol. This is day 1. I’m watching Godfather and wondering how anyone can understand Marlon Brando without the subtitles on.Read More →