how’s it goin, vandwellers? probably not so well. gyms are closed. most state parks, closed.libraries, bars, closed. lots of people are unable to work. everyone is practicing social distancing. which i find fascinating because i’ve been practicing social distancing since 3rd grade and i’m happy to see everyone else finally catching on. fortunately, i’m largely unaffected. my family has been generous enough to allow me to use their shower. iRead More →

what up everybody.  sorry for the long break. i’ve had writer’s block, and i’ve been focusing on business stuff, so my energy has been all over the place. i needed a break from writing to focus on some other projects and get away from my feelings. i’ve noticed that when things get too too real, i have no issues allowing myself to get consumed by something else, anything else.  butRead More →

we’re coming up on some important dates, and i wanna spend a little time flexin on you guys. first things first, rip uncle phil. secondly, mid march marks 1 year since i’ve lived in my van full time. if you can spend 4 straight months of 95-plus degree nights in the heat of a van, honestly you can do anything. it ain’t comfortable, and i’m happy to know i canRead More →

well hello hello. i’m coming to you from the parking lot of a circle k. heading into work this morning and decided to pick up an extra large coffee and talk to you guys about urban stealth camping. so what is urban camping? basically what it sounds like. camping in the city. the stealth part implies that you don’t wanna be caught doing it. why would you be doing thisRead More →

did you know a full van build could be a petri dish for mold and rust, or even worse, a traveling fire hazard? let’s talk about why i decided to keep my van build simple and how a modular build can save you tons of money (and headaches) in the future. whats goin on everybody. it’s me, blue, here to talk to you about why you shouldn’t compare YOUR van lifeRead More →

instagram @tripvanstinkle it’s a new season, but i’m calling it episode 29 so i don’t have to change the way i name my show notes URL. welcome back. it’s the same ol’ bullshit, except in a van. morning punks, future scumvanners of america. welcome to season 2, episode 1 of hi how are you, a VAN LIFE podcast for the uninitiated, lazy and perpetually nomadic. for those tuning in toRead More →