what up everybody. 

sorry for the long break. i’ve had writer’s block, and i’ve been focusing on business stuff, so my energy has been all over the place.

i needed a break from writing to focus on some other projects and get away from my feelings.

i’ve noticed that when things get too too real, i have no issues allowing myself to get consumed by something else, anything else. 

but that’s a whole ‘nother episode that i will never record. 

i keep a lot of my drafts to myself. you probably only ever hear a quarter of the things i write. 

when i re-read and realize i’m being too real with you guys, i pull back. 
maybe i’ll start another project on my radio station. real talk. unpopular opinions. 

but for now, let’s talk about light, bubbly shit. let’s talk about minimizing our possessions.

when i moved into my van almost a year ago, i’d already disposed of 90% of the shit i owned. i decided i would rent the smallest storage unit i could in the meantime and slowly get rid of whatever i had left. my storage soon became a dumping ground for whatever i didn’t want to carry in my van, and instead of my possessions dwindling, they slowly piled back up again.

originally the goal was to be out by august 2019, but some shit came up, as it always does, and i neglected to move everything out on time. this time i decided this is it. if i don’t need it, let’s dispose of it.

it’s hard getting rid of things like televisions, playstations, instruments, speakers. everyone keeps asking if i’m about to kill myself, and i have to be like “define ‘about to.'”

nobody seems to understand the concept of getting rid of material shit you don’t need.

the fact that your shit is in a storage unit somewhere, and you’ve gone months without needing it is proof that you are carrying around more crap than you need to.

and let’s not forget the cost of storage. i’m paying $70 a month. a MONTH. is the shit you’re hoarding even worth $70?

after i got rid of my tvs, i looked at the remainder of what i had and realized that no, these boxes aren’t even worth 50 bucks. why am i paying for this? i’m no better than the people paying rent, i’m sitting here paying money to house my MEMORIES.

real estate is apparently very pricey. 

so last month i finally said goodbye to my 50 square feet of unnecessary obligation. whatever was left either went into the dumpster or is in my van.  it’s bittersweet.

so what about you? do you have a closet full of junk you never look at? clothes you don’t need? shit that don’t even work no more?

when’s the last time you cleaned out your garage? can you even think of the last time you had to throw something away that wasn’t spoiled food?
i’ve been slowly shedding weight over the last few years.

not body weight, not with the way i eat hersheys white chocolate bar with almonds, whole almonds. (*add homer drooling*) how dare they.

but i’ve been moving around my whole life, and it leads to so much frustration every time you need to either renew your lease or find somewhere else to live.

so it’s gotten easier to move each time, and deciding to move into my van has forced me to make decisions about carrying around material possessions, deciding what is important and what is NOT important.

we tend to think everything’s important, even if we’ve only used it once. but when i have probably 4 to 500 square feet of total space, sometimes you can’t keep all these books, or this game system, or some stupid little statue you’ve been carrying around because it’s the only thing your brother has ever gotten me.

i’ve been telling myself for a while, the more i have, the more i have to lose. having such an emotional connection to material possessions will only cause more pain in the long run. 

that’s not to say that just because i have little, i will feel little pain when i do lose. i’m a crybaby. when i run low on gas, i cry a little in the parking lot. i don’t even like losing my keys. 

what i will say is that physical clutter equals mental clutter. because even if this physical clutter is not in your peripheral, it will always reside in your brain in the background, weighing on your bank account, or just taking up space like your brother who doesn’t pay rent.

so it’s liberating. i don’t have to think about when i’m going to finally empty my storage. i don’t have to come up with $70 a month for a $200 bike. not even worth it.

stop wasting money on shit you don’t need because it adds up over time. you’re paying money for air. and if you have it all in your attic or basement or spare closet, guess what, you’re STILL paying for dead air.

declutter your shit. it’s about time for that spring cleaning spiel anyway. then once you do, try not to fill that space with more crap, unless it’s the venus de milo, mmm sweet sweet venus de milo.

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all right i’m out.

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