what up everybody.  sorry for the long break. i’ve had writer’s block, and i’ve been focusing on business stuff, so my energy has been all over the place. i needed a break from writing to focus on some other projects and get away from my feelings. i’ve noticed that when things get too too real, i have no issues allowing myself to get consumed by something else, anything else.  butRead More →

special thanks to heck nugget and jonah the runner for lending me some original music and repping houston once again.

7 weeks… can you keep up?

this week in “reddit is actually useful” – blue tells you about the x effect method and how visualizing your progress encourages you to keep your streak going.

she also touches on the eisenhower matrix and how to better prioritize your time and tasks.Read More →

episode 8: learning to love the job you hate

stuck in a 9-5 you’re not crazy about? listen to this on your way to work. “hate” is such a strong word, isn’t it? blue bullshits through ten minutes of lecturing you on why you shouldn’t give up on that dead end job just yet. (all of this is applicable to career professionals as well, if you can relate). here i am in the car, recording this on a $40 usbRead More →