episode 42 financial independence

financial independence… is it a mindset or for real for real? we’re talking about MONEY, my favorite topic because maybe if i talk about it enough, some will finally appear. hello hello familia of mine. i am somehow still alive, still navigating my way through this new post-apocalyptic world we’re living in. i’m constantly coming up with new episode ideas, but that’s the issue with my manic brain, i jumpRead More →

recorded this while i was sick af. the things you sacrifice for a little asian persuasion… no pigeons. or scrubs. whatever you guys call it these days. recognize one when you see them, and learn to say no. hey. stop loaning people money.idk who needs to hear this, but stop it now.listen, i know it sounds greedy or stingy or whatever, but you know the difference between helping someone who’sRead More →

eyyy look at you guys still alive, still listening to the sound of my voice.somehow I am still alive, likely by the harsh grace of some select few family members. new years was nothing special. just like every other year, i fell asleep well before midnight, slept through all the firecrackers, then read the local news in the morning to see how many people died from stray celebratory gunfire. iRead More →