recorded this while i was sick af. the things you sacrifice for a little asian persuasion…

no pigeons. or scrubs. whatever you guys call it these days. recognize one when you see them, and learn to say no.

hey. stop loaning people money.idk who needs to hear this, but stop it now.
listen, i know it sounds greedy or stingy or whatever, but you know the difference between helping someone who’s fallen on hard times versus someone who sucks at managing their money and is constantly in need of being saved.

don’t be cap’n save a bum. that’s not your problem.

unless you’re rollin in dough, you can’t really afford to give away your resources, not anymore.

if you’re constantly bailing someone out, and you don’t see them showing up for themselves, then maybe let them drown now and again.
this is for their own good and yours. 

if you see someone being pulled caught in the undertow, and you know that if you jump in, you’re both going down, which means fuck your kids, fuck your family, fuck your life. 

you just have to decide if that’s worth it. everyone is different.
but you don’t wanna be known as the “financially responsible” one. because that means you’re hanging out with a bunch of broke people. and a lot of times, they want you to be broke, just like them. 

what does this type of attitude say about me?

what’s so wrong with helping others when they need it?

society is falling apart. you probably think this is extreme, but with all the bullshit you guys are you letting fall through the cracks all around you, we are in some serious trouble, sooner rather than later.

no one’s gonna come save you, there is no kumbaya let’s hold hands and squash our beef pow wow coming up. 

the division between us is deep, and any time you try to see past it, there’s another narrative forming that’s even bigger than the one you were trying to combat.

so it’s your prerogative if you’re going to let yourself be drained dry. some of you get off on financial strain, and if that’s you, enjoy your poverty. but you owe it to yourself to maximize your resources at all costs, and if that means charging interest to your cousins, then do what you gotta do, but look out for you first.

because a broke person won’t be able to help you out except to lend an ear, and their sympathy isn’t gonna pay your electricity. 

just be wise about it, okay? and if not, then can i borrow $20?

listen, i know it’s a tricky subject. no one wants to admit that they’re the one being taken for granted. hell, you might be listening to this thinking, “you’re fucking this up for me, blue. i borrow money from people all the time.”

if THIS is you, then stoooop. it’s gross. if you’re gonna borrow money, you always pay in full, and then some. i don’t always mean money. just throw something else in as a token of appreciation. don’t make people think you’re a scrub just bc you don’t know how to say thank you.

eventually, others will get tired of it. we all work very hard for our money. well, a lot of us, can’t speak for some of you guys. 

let’s grow a backbone in 2020. learn to say no, learn to express gratitude. never assume anyone else’s thoughts or actions. when you do, you end up getting cut off.

i know shit’s hard sometimes. minimum wage is stagnant, population is increasing, social programs are constantly being defunded, shit is expensive, the rent is too damn high. 

don’t think i’m pulling this whole bullshit “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” mentality. 

i’m saying be the best version of yourself at all times. you’re capable of so much. we stand in our own way when we say we can’t do something, or we wish we could do something.

that thing, you can actually do it. by saying you can’t, you’ve already put a roadblock in front of yourself, and you’re worth so much more than being told you can’t do something.

sure you can. opportunity is everywhere. when you see it, you take it. this will take you places you’ve never been before, spaces you’ve never experiences, people you’ve never met. 

i say this as someone who has locked myself in my van the last year and have made few new friends.

but that’s because not everyone needs to be your friend. you can meet people and never advance to “friend” level. save your energy for people who matter, those who can bring opportunity to you, not those who suck them away like the leeches that they are.

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