everything is temporary.

that job that you don’t like. the car you’re driving.the apartment you’re renting.the bad day you’re having.

your favorite jacket eventually ends up in the donation pile. you crack your favorite pipe. 

your friends die. dog runs away.

it’s all temporary, for better or for worse. 

sometimes we take what we have for granted. we become so comfortable with our situation that we don’t always appreciate what we have in that moment.

i’m guilty of this, no doubt. i’ve disregarded people because i assumed they’d always be there, i’ve regret not seeing someone or doing something because it no longer became an option, because people left the planet or something was taken away from me.

but we don’t own anything, nothing is ours. you can’t say “my car” because even if it’s paid off, all it takes is a single accident to total it.

the powers that be laugh when you say “mine.” my car. my house. my wife. a natural disaster can take that house. a more attentive man can take your wife. nothing belongs to you. 

the sooner you realize you don’t “own” anything, the softer the pain when you have to experience loss. your friends aren’t yours. they’re free to leave if they choose because nothing anyone does has anything to do with you.
attachment’s the root of suffering, isn’t it?

when it’s been an emotionally challenging couple of days, hell, maybe even weeks, just know that this is temporary. 

they’re just clouds in the sky. eventually they’ll pass. everything is fleeting.
just don’t get attached, and you will always be okay.

i say all this as a reminder to you, to myself, that becoming attached to any item, any person, any feeling is counterproductive to existing happily. 
it’s okay to appreciate these things. you should. you should cherish what you have while you have it, always be mindful, present. but you should also recognize why you’re cherishing them so. here today, gone tomorrow.

i mean, damn, you really go from slapping someone’s naked buttcheek to never speaking to that person again. 

from someone who sometimes suffers from attachment issues, that really really sucks, my good man. and i prefer to limit my suffering.

just be aware of this, if you do this. it’s okay to appreciate in a healthy way. but know when too much is too much.

i’ve always chased girls, let girls take up my time, lost myself in them, and then freaked out once they left because i wasn’t sure how to function without them. 

people are temporary. but you’re stuck with yourself for life, so you might as well learn to love you, learn what makes you awesome.

i don’t chase bitches anymore because i’m too busy finding things about myself that i love. like goddamn i am smart as hell, i’m funny, i’m a real ass bitch, i enjoy money, i entertain. i create shit. i make shit all day long. i make money during the day and audio paintings at night, and i guess i’m also a botanist now. i don’t get tired.

you’ll never be without as long you know who you are and what you have to offer. everything is temporary, but you’re stuck with you, unless you go out of your mind, then none of this matters.

everything is temporary.

sometimes i have a hard time remembering this. i’ve had some really rough days in the past. days i’d ugly sob uncontrollably, went through all the motions through even more ugly sobs, wanted to die. 

sometimes these were long, painful stretches. i think about it now, and hey, turns out i’m still alive. but at the time, i could’ve sworn i definitely killed myself.

minimize your heartache the best you can. i remember when i was 13 and i scratched my nsync album so it wouldn’t play “bye bye bye” anymore and i was in so much pain. when i left my savage garden cassette in my locker over the weekend in 4th grade. when i washed my hanson tape in my pants pockets.

oh the pain. the pain of it all. 

all of those heavy, negative feelings you’re carrying around toward your possessions, toward people in your past, let it go. remove yourself from first person shooter mode, and watch the situation from the outside. look at the bigger pictures, not just your feelings.

i just finished watching that aaron hernandez documentary on netflix and goddamn, talk about a dude who reacted on emotions and acted impulsively, whose immediate actions were such a detriment to not only himself, but people around him. destructive behavior leads to situations where we can’t get second chances. at the very least they lead to hurt feelings.

when we’re worked up, it’s hard to tell yourself to let things go, to not allow what’s not in your control hold so much power over your happiness and mental health.

conflict and emotions are just facets of the human condition, elements that will be around as long as humans are here to ruin the earth. it’s in our best interest to learn how to master understanding our emotions in order to grow. 

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