coming soon – the latest iteration of hi, how are you: van edition?

this is a marriage of two of my creative forces, my audio journal as you all know it, and my latest quest to becoming a digital nomad.

will i make it? will i fall on my face and relapse again? all this and more, as i do it all out of my van.

just please don’t abandon me. 

hey soooo

i think i may have been a lil bit… overdramatic last time.

but here’s the thing.

i actually am going through a process right now and plan to come back to this podcast.

things may look a little different, but that’s what happens in real life, seasons change and we start anew.

hi how are you is a podcast about learning how to help yourself. essentially, that’s all i’ve ever wanted to do, help other people help themselves.

even though i wasn’t consistent with creating new episodes, you guys were consistently listening to me. you guys reminded me that being able to share some of my experiences with you as i navigate through them may have helped some of you in some way.

so first and foremost i want to say thank you to anyone who’s ever sent me an email, i’m sorry to those i didn’t respond to, but trust me, i read them, and i’ve honestly been humbled by your responses.

so look. i can’t promise you guys the world. if you’ve been with me this long, you know i fuck up quite a bit.

i think i may have mentioned before that i’m full time van dwelling. i’ve been doing the van life since march.

as a result, i’m learning a lot. exposing myself to brand new experiences, and honestly, i just want to be able to share them with all of you.

my fear is that you all didn’t sign up for a #vanlife podcast. you may have no interest in van dwelling whatsoever. and that’s fine.

sometimes i might wanna talk about stealth camping, my electrical setup, or minimizing condensation. you know, van stuff.

but there are plenty of other topics we can still touch on that might not bore you, the emotional cost of living in your car, paring down your possessions, financial goals, whatever.

the purpose has always been to hold ourselves accountable, no matter the goal. 

so get ready for a new season, new reasons for living, hopefully new episodes. 

hi, how are you: a van life podcast for the uninitiated, lazy, and perpetually nomadic – season 2.


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