episode 8: learning to love the job you hate

stuck in a 9-5 you’re not crazy about? listen to this on your way to work.

“hate” is such a strong word, isn’t it?

blue¬†bullshits through ten minutes of lecturing you on why you shouldn’t give up on that dead end job just yet.

(all of this is applicable to career professionals as well, if you can relate).

here i am in the car, recording this on a $40 usb mic that probably has some weird background static, but i’m late on this chapter, and i can’t find the time to isolate myself in my cubby hole i call the den. so if you hear passing cars or horns honking, you can just pretend you’re in the car with me.

let’s get this out the way.

if you’re listening to this because you’re hoping to gain something from it, i want you to understand a few things.

number one. the unemployment rate in the united states right now is somewhere just under 5%. in 2010, it’s was double that, hovering around 10%.

now, the way the unemployment rate is calculated discounts anyone who has stopped looking for work because of weak employment prospects, so if you don’t include the people who have stopped actively looking for work because they are overqualified for the opportunities that have been presented to them, the unemployment rate is a lot higher than reported.

so what am i trying to say to you?

i’m saying be grateful that you even have a job to wake up to every morning. be thankful that you are being paid in cash money, not in cheese and crackers, not in dog food or cotton swabs (idk why i said cotton swabs), but cold hard cash you can use to exchange for goods and services.

be happy that you have a job to complain about, is all i’m saying.


let’s bitch about our jobs, shall we?

i actually really enjoy my job, i enjoy having a routine, waking up early and putting in every hours because right now, it’s rewarding to me. my actual job is fun, what i do is gratifying and i like most of my coworkers.

but yeah, i do get frustrated time and again by the politics of working for a small business, and sometimes, i allow these fleeting emotions to affect my day.

maybe you don’t like your boss because he’s a micromanager, maybe you have a coworker who’s always in your dang business. let’s face it – a lot of people do not like their jobs, something like 1 in 5. but you’d be surprised what a little change in mindset and some other minor accommodations will do to get you through the bulk of your work week.

let’s start with this – it’s pretty straightforward, but i’m gonna ask you to stew on it anyway. what is it about your job that you actually like? dare i say, love? what gets you motivated to put forth your best effort when you begin your grind every day?

for myself, i love the fuck out of my boss. she entertains me, she’s hilarious and adorable, but she is also the hardest working person there, and any time i need anything at all, i know i can go to her for a solution.

when she’s around, work doesn’t feel like work, time goes by… so quickly that i sometimes can’t believe i get paid to be there.

also, i love that i learn something new every day, even if i’m not trying. i love fucking around on photoshop and drawing penises with the spot heal brush when i’m bored. i love being told i’m doing a great job, what can i say?

i’ve had jobs where we couldn’t even get a “you’re doing good, kid” to help keep morale up, so if anyone at your job has ever let you know you’re appreciated, you can add that to your list.

so think about the aspects of your job you enjoy. i know some days it’s hard to see through the garbage, but there has to be a silver lining somewhere, for your own sanity.

and if you can’t think of a single thing you fancy about the place that pays you money, then why are you there? if you don’t enjoy your job, and you believe that money isn’t everything, then is a job you dislike worth the loss of balance between happiness and chronic dissatisfaction?

on the other hand, if you’re doing your job ONLY for the pursuit of riches, you should probably reevaluate your priorities. it’s okay to make money, so long as it’s done ethically, honestly and with humility, but if you’re only doing it to attain status through wealth, i don’t get it. i don’t get you. and if you would like to explain so i can understand, get at me. blue @ hihowareyou.US. i mean, i really wanna know.

so whatever it is you like about your job, double down on it. talk to your boss more, turn up on some project

on that note, those constant naysaying coworkers you know who are incessantly badmouthing the company, talking shit on everyone else, stay away from them.

i feel like a mama hen holding her wing up to protect her babies from some bullshit like a snake. well, the snakes are these birds running their mouth at work, and you just need to pull yourself away from their realm of negativity. there isn’t a whole lot that people like that can bring to the table, and they certainly aren’t going to be the ones to encourage you to care about the job you have.

the sooner you drop those losers, you can focus on yourself. what’s the first thought that pops into your head when you hear your alarm go off? is there a feeling of dread, worry? are you already going into your day with a black cloud hanging over your head? well, quit that shit now.

what is it you’re dissatisfied with? are you looking for a promotion, a raise, more responsibility? are you allowing these desires to hinder your work performance? do you find yourself looking at craigslist ads for jobs WHILE you’re at your job?

well, quit. that. shit now.

if you’re stuck with this “woe is me” attitude, you’re only perpetuating that poor work morale that’s giving you that “woe is me” attitude to begin with.

think about it – you’re at work, on the clock, presumably getting paid, and you are looking at other job listings, something to replace what you currently have. and now you’re set on moving on to bigger and better prospects.

this is the equivalent of being in a relationship where you are looking for other women on okc while you’re in said relationship. you’ve already emotionally checked out. and how do you expect to pull yourself back in when you’re already so far down the rabbit hole?

so something needs to change. ask yourself what’s really important. do you really need that promotion? has whatever it is been worth the excess strain and frustration that’s making you dread the moment you walk through the front doors?

if all you ever see is the bad, you’re basically just morrissey without the pompadour.

it’s important to appreciate the time that you’re investing at this job, to see through the bullshit that makes you hit snooze 9 times every morning.

do you hate your boss? well, fuck dat bitch.

figure out how to deal with them. maybe what they’re asking for isn’t unreasonable, maybe putting forth a little extra effort might help you ease through your day a little more. or maybe you can just learn to avoid your boss altogether, hide in the warehouse like i do, or take an extended bathroom break.

is your boss completely intolerable? fuuuuck dat bitch. like, you have to train yourself to tune out that negativity, if it’s possible.

if all else fails, you could try murdering your boss, but it’s not really recommended since i can think of at least half a dozen other solutions that would fair better for a problem like that.

you could try setting work goals to keep yourself driven. this way, you know that you’re achieving some accomplishment instead of wasting your life away reading shit posts on reddit instead of being productive.

a while back, i asked a few people what their motivation to work was, and probably 90% said money, but one person told me that it was their fear of failing at anything, even something they hate.

and if you think just because you hate your job, that you’re not emotionally invested anyway, so you can’t really fail at it, you would be wrong. clearly you think you are above your place of employment, and maybe you are, but until you take that next step, whenever it is that you’re ready, you have to be grateful for what you have.

i personally don’t believe in the concept of failure because everything in life is about learning something from the lessons you’re taught, but i understand the motivation behind at least being able to say you did your best. it’s a much more peaceful mindset than “fuck this shit.”

lastly, you need to find a good balance of work and play in your life. it’s okay to spend 40 hours a week grinding, but when you’re home, allow your mind the proper time and tools to reset every day because your day is only as good as you want it to be.

schedule some time for the hobbies you enjoy, for some meditation, writing, fuck it, a long bubble bath and an olivia pope-sized glass of wine. you need time for yourself; otherwise, you’re setting yourself up for an ugly monday morning.

and none of this works for you, honestly, you should consider some upward mobility somewhere else. it’s possible you are absolutely miserable and just haven’t found a way out yet, but keep your ear to the ground – something will come up. if you’ve done everything, and it simply hasn’t happened yet, be patient and accept that you’ve done all you can. but never stop trying to better your situation, especially if you know you deserve better.

now get off my lawn.

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